The most flexible Life Plan in the market that provides you memorial service options.

1. Memorial service benefit equal to the Plan Value.Memorial service benefit may be availed as traditional memorial service, cremation service or combination of the traditional and cremation memorial services.
2. Cash Assistance – 20% of the Life Plan Value shall be given to the beneficiary upon death of the planholder.
3. Increment: The Life Plan Value increases by 5% starting on the 5th anniversary of the plan up to 100% of the Life Plan Value.
4. Un-rendered Service – if the memorial service is not availed upon death of the planholder, seventy percent (70%) of the memorial service benefit (Life Plan Value plus Increment, if any) shall be converted to cash and released to the beneficiary.
5. Memorial service benefit is ASSIGNABLE to immediate family members. This means that the memorial services may be assigned for use of a deceased parent, sibling, spouse or child.
6. The plan is transferable. It can be sold or donated to another living person.